Thursday, February 28, 2019

All the evil in the world comes from deception

There is a big reason why there is so much evil in the world, deception, which is the root of all the destruction among us, who has been given heaven and all the Goodness of Almighty Father as inheritance for accepting His begotten and precious Son Jesus.

Deception is born out of lies and the father of all lies happy to see our destruction and emptiness.

You can be the most "good" person, pro-community and "progressive" according to world standards, but if you murder babies, atheist, believe in false gods or man-made religions, or any of those things that the world proclaims as good, I tell you that you are part of the problem because God has proclaimed that whosoever is a friend of the world is an enemy of God (James 4:4), the devil deceives you with ideas that seem beautiful but in reality it’s nothing but a dark hole of falsehood.

Nothing we do will surprise God in the sense that He already knows in advance what we will do, it is something that none of us in our human capacity can understand, because we will never think as God thinks unless He is the One who reveals His Thought, we can deceive ourselves but we will never deceive God.

You must know that each Saint has been rejected by the world in such a way that the poor saints find a harsh loneliness in this sinister world, with the mere desire that their lives end according to the will of the Father to go happy to heaven and enjoy the full Mercy of God.

Lies flies to our thoughts from the father of lies through his demons or himself, us humans capture those lies in the form of thoughts and each person is responsible to makes such lie a reality.

The greatest and saddest crimes of humanity, both small and large in society, have happened this way... How many times a day, a week or within a year a thought is made reality as humans commit suicide, kill babies, get high, kill several people, verbally assault your neighbor, develop schemes to make a wrong... many times such wicked, but perhaps in beautiful form lies flow through our heads, it’s people who make that lie, or better said deceiving themselves, a reality therefore falling into a trap.

Even the Church falls into these traps of the evil one, no one is exempt from these lies which are presented to us, unfortunately there are many who knows this but don’t care as they are the most dedicated children of the devil and sadly there’s many inside the Church.

Homosexuality, abortion, divorce, lust, indifferentism between true faith and strange practices or better said: false religions are in the heart of more than 99% of the faithful, 1% is where we all want to be... and who is the 1%? If your family believes you are a fanatic, if you have lost the all of your friends because of religion, if within your Church you are persecuted and rejected because you proclaim and live the truth of our Lord Jesus, they call you bad names... congratulations, you are on the right track.

Now you mustn’t feel granted or conceded, you must continue to work your salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12), and do everything with love, knowing that falling into the deception of not loving our enemies could out rail you, you have to do everything with love in Jesus Christ.

You cannot celebrate evil all because you’re trying to love your neighbor that is falling into another trap, speaking with authority is always done with love and in love there is no indecency, vulgarity, or resentment.

The best way to demonstrate our love to our neighbor, besides proclaiming the Truth of Christ in His Teachings, is to pray for all souls to convert and be saved, the best way is through the Holy Rosary.

Regardless lies will continue to fly by the wind waiting for some of us to fall, and now even worse as the Top of the Catholic Church proclaims lies daily with beautiful words... Do not be deceived, by their fruits you shall know them Jesus told us (Mat 7: 15-16) and our beloved Church is now occupied by enemies of God and their fruits denounce them.

Let us remain strong and faithful to our faith even though they have the structures, the Church will not perish even if just 1% is what is left.

The desert awaits us, a big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

MDM and The Great Avalanche.

My Brethren I would like to greet you in our Lord’s Peace, I am of no importance, I am no seer, nor great prophet, I’m just not staying silent about Jesus Great Mercy.

Throughout our lifetimes we are kings, prophets and priests that’s the teaching of our dear Catholic Church, we are kings because we were made at God’s Image and He IS the King, He gave His only begotten Son for us to acquire everlasting life, Jesus is King of us kings who accepted His lovely Mercy, Jesus the King of kings.

We are prophets when we embrace His Holy word, we teach to avoid wrongdoing and warn of the consequences of rejecting His Divine Love, Jesus is the Ultimate prophet because He is God, Jesus Prophet of all prophets.

We are also priests whenever a soul is in danger and no real priest is available, we can pray for that persons soul, encourage them to embrace repentance and hug His Sweet Mercy, we could even baptize in the Name of the Holy Trinity, again, all this when there’s no real priest and the soul’s at the gate of death and danger of eternal perdition, this we do with His Mighty Hand upon us, Jesus the Great Priest, Priest of all priests.

I have to tell you about something that will happen soon: the Warning and the Illumination of conscience, but also something sometimes overlooked a bit and that is the great avalanche of people running toward the confessionals and to Christians for information on what just happened to them right after the illumination of conscience.

For those who don’t know, the Warning will be a Great Cross that will appear in the Sky for all the world to see at the same time and such Act of Mercy signature will be laid on the trees of Garabandal forever, the illumination of conscience is God’s Great act of Mercy in which every person in the world regardless of religion will see how God sees them, we will burn with God’s indignation because of our sins.

Now… The Avalanche of people after the Warning running towards the confessional and to Christians who are supposed to know about such things will happen… Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, the Americas (North, central and south), the endless islands around the world will run to them.

Like many real prophets did proclaimed the confessionals will be full and priests will be lacking… Christians who will be out there proclaiming the Truth will get many running towards them.

The Great Avalanche will go forth as people will run to the confessionals like when it happened the night of the screams in Garabandal, the entire town ran to confession.

God will carry out His Mighty Will prophesied by many true prophets like Prophet Joel, Apostle John, Saint Edmund Campion, Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Pope Pius IX, the Garabandal true seers (Conchita, Mari Loli, Jacinta, Mari Cruz), Father Gobbi and Maria of Divine Mercy (MDM).

Pope Pius IX: “There will be a great prodigy which will fill the world with awe”.

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi: “A great purification will come upon the world preceded by an illumination of conscience in which everyone will see themselves as God sees them”

Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora: “A great light appeared upon the earth which was the sign of the reconciliation of God with man”

Saint Edmund Campion:   “Pronounced a great day, not wherein any temporal potentate should minister, but wherein the Terrible Judge should reveal all men’s consciences and try every man of each kind of Religion”

Conchita Gonzalez: “People will feel completely alone in the world at that moment, regardless of where they are, alone with their conscience and before God. They will then see all their sins and what their sins have caused”.

Maria of Divine Mercy: The world, My daughter, is being given this special Gift – the Book of Truth – to show My children what they now need to do in order to prepare for The Warning, the Illumination of Conscience, which is being given to mankind to help prepare them adequately for My Second Coming”. January 28, 2011

I do not speak for our dear sister MDM or any of the Garabandal seers, but it is my humble opinion the Avalanche of people after the Warning will happened as they try to reach a state of grace and their lack of information on what just happened to them.

Many Christians will be overrun by people seeking to repair their relationships with God; India MDM readers and followers of Christ will have a tough task at hand, it is imperative for them to know exactly what to tell them, direct catholics to a confessional, instruct those who aren’t Catholic about praying for 7 days the Crusade prayer 24, assure them that many will try to deprive them from this Great Act of God’s Mercy by saying it didn’t happened and that Jesus is about to come into the World for the 2nd time right after the antichrist appears.

After the Warning and the Illumination of conscience, the world will stay in a state of shock, many won’t report to work, some places will be like a time stopped for them and God’s enemies (who are prepared beforehand for such an event), will tell all throughout the world this act of Mercy didn’t happened and the Great Cross in the Sky (The Warning) was just something that space nature produced, many will fall for it.

Conversion, prayer, penance and sacrifice will mitigate many of the terrible events will happen afterwards… and do know, mitigation isn’t a full stop, mitigation is nothing more than diluting or alleviation of the great schism by the false prophet, the 3rd world war, the persecution of Christians and the revelation of the antichrist… this will happen right after the Warning.

The enemies of God will embrace such chaos to enhance their lies about the Great Warning and the Illumination of conscience in order to handle souls to hell; this is why we must persevere in our duties revealed to the prophets and recently to our dear sister MDM to pray for the salvation of souls through the daily recitation of the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the sweet crusade prayers.

This avalanche will come and go, many will convert, many will fold, many will embrace such a Great Act of Divine Mercy for a little while and then fall away sadly.

The Remnant Army will get their 20 million and proclaim Truth to the world, martyrdom will be the currency among them, happy those who find Martyrdom proclaiming Christ in those days, happy those who go to Heaven and don’t have to witness such dark days, but even more happy those who stay alive and persevere in Jesus Teachings and witness His Glorious 2nd coming.

MDM warned us about the terrible days ahead in order to build hope; this generation will witness our Lord’s Great Mercy in the form of the Illumination of conscience and His Glorious return.

The Warning and the Illumination of conscience or like some call it: the new Pentecost, is about to fall into the world, the deceiver will step up his game so it is a must for all of us in this marathon for the salvation of souls to stand firm to the Teachings of Christ, to be well informed of His 2nd coming, to pray our Blessed Lady’s Holy Rosary many times as possible (3 a day to be exact), pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the crusade prayers.

Everything has been told through His beloved prophets, Maria of Divine Mercy is in the desert waiting for the day to arrive, the Book of Truth reveals His Warning to mankind, my hope now is to remain true, to remain firm and please our Lord’s wishes through such dark times.

Remember to pray, pray and pray, also to be prepared for many running your way, prepare for so much darkness ahead, the proclamation of the Schism, the Great 3rd World War (you should have a stash of food for at least 10 days for you and your family), the antichrist and then the 3 days of darkness (you should have a blessed candle during those days and stay shut in your home praying), this 3 days of darkness will precede Jesus 2nd return, on the 3rd day like when He resuscitated He will be seen coming back for you and for me.
Perhaps these are my last words to you…

May you stay firm, may you seek to amend, may you find humility, may you denounce lies presented as truth, may you recognize who the King of Kings, the Lord of prophets, The Priest of priests is… and pray you’ll recognize Him soon.

A big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Maria of Divine Mercy and simplicity

It’s Hard to see what’s going on around us with arrogance, pride, doubt in our hearts, but those who love littleness, those who seek out our Lord with love in their hearts see it all so simple and marvelous.

Jesus opened my eyes about trying to reach littleness and the need to be humble in order to see and live Heaven, so I thank my Lord for His Words through Maria of Divine Mercy, she writes His Wisdom and I marvel each day.

Littleness… something I would love to have as my pride is big in me, how much love our Lord has for us giving us Wisdom in a time when strange teachings look so beautiful.

Maria of Divine Mercy has given us hope through her writings about our Lord coming back and His plan for the salvation of souls, but each time our Lord has put a prophet forth, prayers given, the Church brushes off the dire warnings and tone down the necessity of prayer in order to save hardened and dark souls.

Fatima came and our blessed Mother asked all the Bishops in the world to consecrate Russia to her immaculate heart and the Church resisted her warnings, Fatima asked us to pray for the salvation of souls through the Rosary and today Priests don’t spend time teaching us to pray for the salvation of souls through the Rosary… The brown scapular was given for souls to see a sign of salvation but most people inside the Church don’t know what a scapular is.

Maria of Divine Mercy come into the world asking us to pray the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and her crusade prayers for the salvation of souls and people prefer to point fingers and say she’s demonic.

How can satan ask us to pray the Rosary? How the devil can make prayers asking God for the salvation of souls? How the demonic can tell us to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Catholic Church’s safety?

Well… they couldn’t see how simple it was to consecrate Russia, how simple wearing a scapular is, how simple it is to save one soul through reciting the Rosary, or safeguard Christianity from evil with the Divine Mercy Chaplet, so is no surprise that the world instead of praying the Rosary, Chaplet and the crusade prayers prefer to welcome false prophet Martin Luther as a hero, to welcome homosexual lifestyle in the Church and dismiss Jesus Teachings by giving the Eucharist to the unrepentant.

No more evangelizing false religions because proselytizing in nonsense, no more evangelizing Jews because that’s wrong when many of our saints died doing so, hailing and awarding murderers and false teachers all for the sake of “walking together” and a “culture of encounter”, pointing the fingers on those who follow the traditions our forefathers taught as rigids and hypocrites because they don’t celebrate sinful and unrepentant behavior.

Simplicity and littleness lives around us in Jesus Teachings and warnings, but is better to celebrate walking with someone who doesn’t believe in God all for the sake of walking together… this is why most of the Church doesn’t see littleness, hard for them to embrace the ultimate virtue: humility and humility is the welcome rug at the door in Heaven, without humility no one can enter Heaven, no one.

Praying little prayers makes MDM demonic; pleading the salvation of souls through what Fatima asked is now the abnormal… I thank God for Maria the writer for giving us Heaven’s prayers and to those who call her demonic and call us fanatics and cult followers say to you: We forgive you.

Despite paying false witnesses to mimic Maria (Ms. Carberry), despite all the bad names and persecution, despite crashing our computers through hacking and bonding our sites to other evil sites (my site was anchored into various sex sites), despite the numerous spies merge into our prayer groups… we forgive you and pray for all of you and the salvation of humanity.

Simple and little prayers we pray daily for humanity, so calling us names won’t trouble our hearts, we must please God rather than men and we won’t back down.

I don’t deserve the honor to call myself a part of the remnant army, but I love Maria and Jesus Remnant and hopefully we see each other soon, finally I say to you in Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and all the world… remain faithful, Jesus is coming.

A big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Switcheroo Francis

False mercy’s doing in this world is to make you feel alright about your conscience, to give you the impression that God “understands” your sinful behavior, so it’s ok to sin because God is merciful and He “understands.”

Divine Mercy comes from Divine Love and God is Love says Apostle John (1 John 4:8), Divine Justice comes from Divine Love as well, so one without the other is denying the source which is Love, when you go to confession at the very end you’ll receive your penance and that is a part of Justice, little sins or great sins Justice demands amendment so forgiveness and sanctity could be fulfilled in you, in such amends righteousness and forgiveness will ensue your path, so you see, Mercy without Justice cannot be and false mercy preaches no Justice, as it doesn’t preach repentance, false mercy is there to deceive.

It is sad to live to see our beloved Church ran by false mercy preachers, telling you EXACTLY what your sins want to hear, to relativize all so that your soul puts its guard down, working your salvation with fear and trembling as Apostle Paul says (Phil 2:12), will no longer be working.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio known as “pope” Francis tells you exactly what you want to hear to let your guard down all in the name of “mercy”, but you can’t serve 2 masters (Mat 6:24), but False Francis (how I like to call him), is doing exactly that… he goes to homosexuals and tell them what they want to hear like “God made you gay” and goes around and says “we can’t have seminarians who are gay.”
We have tons of examples, rotten fruits from False Francis fulfilling prophecy after prophecy about apostasy flowing from the top: “Atheists do good and we’ll meet there”, “If a gay looks for the Lord who am I to judge”, “Christians with the bible, Muslims with the Koran with the faith of their fathers that will take them far”, “No one is condemned forever that is not the logic of the bible” (Amoris Laetitia 297), and on and on…

He goes and preaches that abortion is murder but awards a well-known abortionist Lilianne Ploumen with a knighthood award, proclaims Emma Bonino as a “forgotten great”, she who murdered more than 400 babies in the womb in her lifetime.

You can see a trend here right? He doesn’t call such people to repent, nor preached to them that the only way to go to Heaven is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To abortionists is all laughter and awards, to pro-lifers he tells them the magisterium, to atheists it’s alright to be friends and not preach them Jesus, to catholics beautiful words and gestures… we can’t serve 2 masters, we can’t preach one thing and do exactly the contrary, it is not I or anybody else who has judge False Francis, the Gospel denounces his rotten fruits as evil.

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.” Gal 1:8

Anathema is just cursed, condemned… anyone living under such darkness has a place in hell and it is sad watching this man throwing many souls in the confusion train, placing pro-gays to power, proclaiming heretics as heroes (Martin Luther), letting the unrepentant to have the Eucharist while hitting hard on many faithful for their faith.

False Francis main objective is to eclipse the faith with a worldly suit of lies fitting all false creeds and backgrounds, all this under a banner of “unity, inclusion and understanding.”

Jesus came to this world to seek what was lost and preached repentance as His Kingdom of Salvation is at hand, within reach… He said to the adulterer to “go and sin no more” (John 8:11), His Apostles walked the earth and preached the Good News of Jesus to all false religions out there and many converted, many died proselytizing the faith, but now False Francis preaches that “proselytism is a solemn nonsense.”

The Chinese Church betrayed by his siding with the communist government atheists, the German faithful betrayed with intercommunion, sex victims of Gay Priests betrayed all over the world, those who evangelize Jews betrayed, Faithful Catholics betrayed with his constant “switcheroo” on faith and morals…

The only rock solid constant thing False Francis has established is his dislike for traditional minded catholics and anyone who try to critic him fraternally, but everything else is just false mercy and more false mercy all to set a worldly religion, martyrs died for the very things False Francis is denying today.

Bergoglio will tell you exactly what your sins need to hear, a pool of water on your burning conscience, relativize truth so working your salvation with fear and trembling wouldn’t be a work anymore, but an “entitlement” as God “understands” and because He understands will give you automatic mercy while contradicting His own Holy Word.

Again, and we should shout this from the rooftops “Beware of false prophets… by their fruits you shall know them” (Mat 7:15-20), JUST check his fruits and you’ll see, he’s trying to mash the wheat with the chaff under a banner of falseness, beware… stay faithful and resist.

A big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Friday, November 16, 2018

There’s no peace with dark intentions

They are many out there promoting false mercy, unfortunately many with their hands consecrated: Cardinals Schonborn, Maradiaga, Marx, Cupisch, Tagle, Dolan, Tobin, Wuerl, Daneels, Parolin, Farrel, O’Malley… many Cardinals and many priests promoting anti-Catholic teachings as Fr. James Martin is one example out of thousands.

Environment, Immigration, One world religion under the banner of inclusivity, encounter, unity and “mercy”… this is the creed of the false church under antipope or false prophet Jorge Mario Bergoglio: False Francis.

Read carefully the second paragraph and you will find everything there, is a slap on the precious face of our Lord Jesus who said:

“Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but DIVISION. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law." Luke12:51-53

Since the “election” of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in 2013 the inner circles and places of power were systematically targeted and couped with dark intentions, a “papal” decree in which all heads of the church must submit their resignations at the age of 75 was strategic to displace who would opposed most of the false mercy agenda:

·         The “encounter of atheism without calling them to repent.
·         The inclusion of homosexuality inside the Church.
·         Rejecting traditional teachings as “rigidism.”
·         Proselytism being called as nonsense, therefore no more evangelizing other false creeds.
·         Allowing false religions to join our community without calling them as false.
·         Embracing the falsehood of different Praxis while omitting the magisterium.

As False Francis washed the feet of a transgender male he said to that man: “I want peace”, afterwards the two legged abomination went and received the Eucharist, for them that’s mercy, for God, it was false mercy and at the same time: scandal.

St Jerome used to say that out of a 100,000 catholics only 10 gets to Heaven and it is difficult to imagine such thing applied to today, because the system is well set for a much higher number, as most Catholics don’t have the desire to be pure, holy and righteous, in other words to become saints.

People with dark intentions couped the older regime and those placed in power renewed those posts with people who wouldn’t fight back, people who would push the agenda forward, can you find a better example like Cardinal Blasé Cupisch, someone who wasn’t known at all, made Bishop of Chicago and then made cardinal in a matter of a year?

Cupisch was way below inside the chain of the St Galle Mafia tree, people tend to think the Mafia’s was only made out Bishops and Cardinals, not true, such evil men needed tons of help and pro-gay Card. Blasé Cupisch was one of many who provided that help.

False Francis was smart placing his people inside the Holy Temple and by his rotten fruits you can see what’s going on, but many are afraid to say it how it is, Jesus said it and we must follow through: “Beware of false prophets… by their fruits you shall know them” (Mat 7:15-20) and it is NO coincidence that False Francis has placed around him and all places of power someone who is pro-gay.

He has said the Magisterium will remain the same, but his doing has being different, proclaiming and awarding evil people as great like Emma Bonino who murdered 400 babies and Lilianne Ploumen a notorious abortion activist… “I want peace”, while betraying our Lord and why betray God? Because he doesn’t believe in God like Judas didn’t believe.

Unfortunately nobody is listening, there’s a reason and is found in the Bible, people who listened to Jesus while He was alive most weren’t to be found while He was pushed in agony to the Cross, very few were, so out of 100 thousand said St Jerome only 10 gets saved is a good ratio back then and but it feels greater today.

Peace can only be achieved by Jesus, true peace can only be found in those who do His commands, but His commands leave out many outside of Heaven so you can understand why He said there would be DIVISION, as many are happy with their sins, who would defend their sins and the dark knows this… you want to be gay, atheist, believe in false gods, etc, etc… Sure thing you’re welcome.

The Church is open for those who repent and want to depart from the ways of the world not for those who embrace sin and are children of the world.

Dark intentions are seated in Peter’s throne and like in Jesus days many have their ears and eyes shut, because they don’t want to let go their worldliness, they prefer their favorite sins… and the enemy knows so they preach False Mercy to relativized your conscience and let your guards down to let the enemy do what they want with you.

Dark intentions, dark fruits dressed in beautiful words… without Jesus we can’t do a thing, without Him we can’t reach Almighty Father, so yes, it is a dark time to live in but we have to tell you that you are condemning your soul for eternity following men and not God.

May you find the Lord quickly, may you find Him in time, He is close to return, in the meantime the enemy is inside and is devouring unsuspected souls, just follow Jesus advice “by their fruits you shall know them”, check the fruits and you’ll see what’s going on, the enemy wants no peace as wolves only thing is to seek out its prey…

Remain FAITHFUL, remain VIGILANT, truth is being eclipse with beautiful words and gestures, deceit inside is at an all-time high, false mercy is out there to destroy.

A big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Testimony: Offering my pain and fear, crusade prayer #3

Hello my brethren, I want to share a testimony with you… I am passing through a 2 year rough path since my wife from 24 years asked for us to divorce in 2016.

2 years of pain and suffering for me, my kids and her I guess, she ask for a divorce and despite my very best efforts to squash such thing, she got what she wanted, anyways, fat forwarding to today I started the nullification process within my church and the priest who accepted the case sat down with me…

As I greeted him he said to me I’m sorry for such a sad situation, I replied that I was alright, the pain wasn’t big, after 2 years the pain was tiny, time heals… Father said to me: “No, the pain still there, still big…”

He accepted me in, we sat down and said to me: “Everything looks in order, but we have to address your pain, as I see you wrote all your painful situations on the questionnaire for the nullification, I want you to go to the Holy Mass and offer this pain to the Lord, re-live those painful situations, not because you want to get pleasure out of your pain that would be bad, just think of the pain and offer it up to the Lord.”

I couldn’t stop crying, Fr. was right, I was still in pain deep down… Thanks be to God for this priest and all who are devoted to Him and His Teachings.

Perhaps 1 or two weeks passed since that meeting and I totally forgot about offering my pain to Jesus, then I went to the Holy Mass (Neo-catholic mass or normal mass as people like to call it, since there’s no Latin mass in Santo Domingo city in DR, my only recourse to have the Eucharist was this type of mass), at the time to share the sign or hug of peace, I noticed I was alone, no one to give the peace to and suddenly I remembered I wasn’t going to give my ex-wife the hug or kiss of peace ever, I got so sad and my pain shook me to bitter tears, at the same time I remember what the priest told me about offering my pain to Jesus…

I closed my eyes and pull my hands together, unconsciously my hands formed some sort of a “cup”, like if I was going to drink water from my hands, put it near my chest and suddenly my body started to bring out heat, some sort of energy** coming out and surrounding my body, energy running from my feet and my head flowing to my palms, this energy was hot and flowing right into the “cup” formed by my hands.

(** I want you to picture in your mind what was happening, such energy is our Lord's doing, the Holy Spirirt)

I opened my eyes I didn’t see anything but the heated energy was still going from every inch of my body into my hands, forming some sort of “ball”, even though I know I couldn’t see but I felt it, and in my palms the energy kept “curbing” a lot, so, while the energy flowing from all over my body I felt it had a “linear” flow, in my hands the flow I felt it “curbed” forming a ball.

Then I pushed my cup formed by my hands up and outward from my chest like an offering and it was gone, the sadness went away, the pain went away… I’m so much better now.

The next day I went to mass again and I wanted to do the same thing, this time not with pain, as I didn’t had most of my pain anymore, it was already gone, and this time I offered my fear…

The same thing, I offered it up to God with my “cup” formed by my hands, placed in my chest, but this time to my surprise the energy was cold, the energy coming out from all over was cold, forming a cold ball in my hands, well, put it up and outward from my chest and it was taken, it was gone.

There’s a prayer given by Jesus to Maria of Divine Mercy, crusade prayer #3, it says:

“O my Lord Jesus Christ I beseech You to rid the world of fear, which detaches souls from Your loving Heart. I pray that souls who will experience real fear during The Warning will stop and allow Your Mercy to flood their souls so that they will be free to love You in the way they should.”

As I read this beautiful prayer, fear detaches souls from Jesus Sacred Heart and now I prayed this all the time for people to overcome fear at the time of the Warning, I try to pray this every day in my personal crusade prayer recitation, but I also wanted to point out that we should let fear go and allow our Lord to take it out from us, so I offer it up the same way I offered my pain and I’m all better now thanks to His Mercy and I hope this testimony helps you too, to rid yourselves from fear and offer your pain to God.

A big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

False Francis

I started my spiritual journey as a “youth charismatic”, I learned about the lives of the saints whom I never put much attention to, discovered St Francis of Assisi through a movie called brother sun, sister moon… fell in love with St Francis in such a way, that I had to read many of his autobiographies including “little flowers of Assisi” which some of the words were written by him.

Through St Francis of Assisi I had to read St Gemma Galgani, St Paul of the cross, see the awesome St Patrick of Ireland, Apostle St John, St Therese of Lissieux, the lives of the 3 shepherd children of Fatima, St Hildegard, St Padre Pio, St Bernadette from Lourdes and on and on, all of them ignited my curiosity and love for my Catholic faith.

St Francis life started my path, as I read how he embraced the Gospel as it was, he was the first amongst all great saints to be a legalist, in other words, he lived the Gospel precisely as it was written… he loved our Lord.

St Francis of Assisi according to his autobiography: little flowers of Assisi, it was mentioned in  it what our Lord spoke about John the Baptist in the Gospel and how St Francis appeared in the Gospel…

“Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. (Mat 11:11)

Little flowers proclaims that Jesus spoke about St Francis of Assisi, there is no denying that St Francis was something else on humility and poverty, in this book St Francis one day saw in Heaven the throne of Lucifer, he described such as a throne so beautiful and great, throne which was vacant in Heaven and Jesus let him know it was being given to him: St Francis, you can imagine how much hatred the devil had for St Francis.

It’s not a coincidence the devil attacked him so viciously in St Francis lifetime, but also it wasn’t a coincidence we have a “pope” who chose the name “Francis” as his own.

On February 11th 2013 Pope Benedict XVI announced to his close advisers that he was resigning at the end of the month, hours after, lightning stroke the Vatican precisely at 5:55, the same way the devil fell like lightning down from Heaven (Luke 10:18), is no coincidence lightning stroke the dome hours after our Blessed Mother’s favorite son was pushed to resign.

Now, 5:55 is no mere coincidence, lightning came down and the structure stood still, the timing was perfect as 5:55 tells our time to pray the Rosary, 3 places in time equals 3 Rosaries with 5 mysteries… Glorious, Joyful and Sorrowful, all for the salvation of souls and the Church as the Church was being under attack.

The enemies of God had their wish, as it was reported by credible journalists and one of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s best buddies: Card. Siegfried Daneels autobiography, a plot to proselytized Bergoglio to the top was in place since the last papal conclave (the one Benedict got elected), the St Galle mafia got their man in and Bergoglio was that man.

Jorge Mario Bergolio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires was a man who was loved by the enemies of God, I mean, he did exactly what freemason Cardinal Maria Martini use to proclaim so much: Bergoglio gave the Eucharist to irregular couples, behind the scenes assured the LGBT agenda on change, protected priests who sexually abused children and young men, was big on diluting the faith on interfaith grounds, loved communism (his own words as he loved communist papers and now with the Chinese betrayal no wonder), embraced atheists and hated traditional catholics.

There’s proof on each of this claims: for example Bergoglio allowed his beloved Curas Villeros to give the Eucharist to divorce and remarried couples, he allowed LGBT couples to baptized their children, asked the Buenos Aires Bishops to bless civil gay unions as long they don’t call it a marriage, tried to interfered with the Argentinian legal system on gay sexual abuser priest Grassi, despite the magisterium prohibits catholics to participate in Muslims funerals he did anyways and contradicted our Lord Jesus on the matter of atheism, when he said he wouldn’t tell an atheist he was condemned out of not believing in God and such claim is in his autobiography: “on heaven and earth.”

Despite the clear signs Bergoglio wasn’t catholic and with the help of the St Galle Mafia, cardinals elected him, white smoke appeared coming out at exactly 7:06 pm, coincidence? No coincidence, Bergoglio got elected 66 minutes after 6… 666.

You could say perhaps I am crazy; perhaps I am being unfair to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, that maybe I’m a racist or love to persecute the pope.

Well, who is writing right now is Latino, my grandmother was black (she’s in Heaven), my 3 kids aren’t white…

When Bergoglio got elected I’d cried of joy, I was happy, actually I wanted to go to Rio and be counted among the youth, what alerted me later on was a prophecy (St Francis of Assisi prophecy) and Bergoglio’s own fruits.

Bergoglio contradicted Jesus with his statement: “Atheists do good and we’ll meet there”, later he fulfilled the St Francis of Assisi prophecy by hammering the Franciscans of the Immaculate:

“The devils will have unusual power, the IMMACULATE purity of our Order, and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few Christians who will obey the true Sovereign Pontiff and the Roman Church with loyal hearts and perfect charity.(Works of the Seraphic Father St. Francis Of Assisi, R. Washbourne, 1882.)

IMMACULATE as the Franciscans of the immaculate who celebrated the Latin mass only, they were commissioned by mandate of Bergoglio and basically disbanded the healthiest order of the Church, whom followed the strict rule of St Francis of Assisi, coincidence?

Then the infamous interviews with an atheist journalist happened, he printed Bergoglio’s claims which contradicted the faith head on, the Vatican gave ambiguous comments on such scandals, but Bergoglio gave this man interview after interview, if this journalist wasn’t saying the truth, yet was a scandal in itself, why Bergoglio gave him the next interview, then another one and another one.

Bergoglio said he didn’t believe in hell to this atheist, no wonder he contradicts Jesus about condemning atheists in his autobiography, but the fruit which backs what he said is in exhortation Amoris Laetitia 297: “No one is condemned forever, that is not the logic of the bible”

He said to an abused man by a gay priest in Chile: “God made you gay”, which is back by his fruits of constant inclusion of homosexuality and now the abominable final document of the youth synod, which mirrored Bruno Forte’s wicked relatio and echoes Amoris Laetitia on including all “walks of life.”

Statement after statement, homily after homily, exhortation after exhortation we see what our Lord said on false prophets: “By their fruits you shall know them” (Mat 7:15-20), all we need to do is listen to our Lord and check Bergoglio’s rotten fruits, prophecy has been fulfilling in our faces by his fruits, yet it is not enough for some while the faith is being undermined.

It’s no coincidence Bergoglio picked the name Francis, to the ignorant eyes is all beautiful, I know… 

Francis name is nothing short of a hellish mockery by the devil done in Bergoglio’s flesh, mocking the one who pleased God so much that lucifer’s throne in heaven was given to him, but God, through prophecy and Bergoglio’s own rotten fruits, gave me the grace to see through it all and know the obvious: we are living an antipope’s reign, the Gospel being undermined claims it so (Gal 1:8).

False Francis… as he is no St Francis of Assisi, his fruits show the story of Judas not Peter, unfortunately this man with his evil friends put as many of their own people in power, casted faithful ones out, persecuted all who stood by the Teachings of our Lord, and today we see the fruits, why can’t you not?

There’s a reason why our Blessed Mother said in Fatima that the great apostasy would start at the top (Card. Ciappi on the 3rd secret), a reason why She said in La Salette: Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist, and why St Francis of Assisi said the destroyer would be in place in a time when sanctity of life would be mocked even by those who profess it.

It is no surprise that Bergoglio profess abortion as criminal, and then hails Emma Bonino, an abortionist who murdered 400 babies, as a forgotten great, no surprise how Lilianne Ploumen was awarded a knighthood by Bergoglio even though she’s a well-known abortion promoter.

Open your eyes, as there’s a Judas there’s a Peter, as there’s Christ there’s an antichrist, as there’s a pope there’s an antipope, as there’s a sweet St Francis of Assisi there’s Francis… he is no St Francis, so yeah… False Francis.

Check the fruits, remain faithful and resist falseness, be careful with Bergoglio’s church of darkness.

A big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Tell the whole world about my Mercy: United States

Today I woke up thanking Almighty Father for the blessing of being alive, to be blessed of been born in the United States after watching how a young man’s voice pushed me to count my blessings, hearing the national anthem by Jackson Dean in fox news.

Look, God bless all who love the United States of America, and God bless Jackson Dean’s parents for raising him up, I hope he and all the US embrace Christ soon, because vengeance in Heaven for the sins of our Country has been claimed at the feet of the Throne of Almighty Father for too long.

Since Roe vs. Wade was declared in the United States, each and every unborn has claimed vengeance for their spilled blood, the Land itself has no fault, but men does and that’s why the land will suffer from High above… soon.

There’s good and decent people in the United States who pray each day for the salvation of their fellow Americans, it’s not only 1 billion babies massacred throughout the world, the killing of the womb PR’ed from the states throughout the entire world, it is also because the US was the country who asked permission for the Eucharist in the hand and such evil also PR’ed to the world, the country of LGBT abomination also PR’ed as well…

God Almighty has given the USA countless blessings and graces through the centuries, blessings been thrown away by the genocide of the womb, the genocide of the soul and the celebration of abomination as the norm, you know what I speak of, atheism mutated into abortion, abomination and thinking we are above God.

We should, all Americans, to count our blessings as terrible things are coming our way, like all wars started, World War III started in the diplomatic arena, those who hate the US will delivered the first shot and horror will begin, our land will be handed a huge blow, hammered by the Hand of God… this horror is INEVITABLE.

Maryland will be spared all out of Mercy, and Mercy is in a few beads: the Holy Rosary.

Sure, some other places will be spared, but know this… it’ll be a war like no other, it will last for some days but it’ll be felt like it lasts and lasts for years, it’ll be a short war, millions will die and the US will be a big part of it, vengeance will come as communism is alive and setting their eyes on the west.

Pray, pray, pray my dear brethren… angels will come down and repair the land, don’t think about your possessions or the land itself, think about the people who will perish quickly in sin, without someone praying for their souls… if that’s the case their doomed.

We are living in a strange, dark, dangerous times, where all things good are now bad and what was bad is now good, so take precautions… pray each day, have a stash of food like how the prophets called for, it’ll be wise to have a minimum of 10 days’ worth of food for your love ones, but try and shoot for more, perhaps a full month or more if your capable of more.

When the Jews were told about the atrocities of the Nazis, the majority of them didn’t believe, only a few who listened fled their houses, those were the ones who got saved; the others saw how horror kicked down their door, I am only telling you to be prepared.

WWIII is happening right now in the diplomatic arena before our eyes, God swift Justice will descend upon the wicked so be prepared, get the Rosary and pray, get your food stash, make sacrifices for your spiritual health and those who don’t believe (praying for others is a good sign and deed of Mercy).

Thank God for your blessings today, do not cave into fear and shut down… many people hear about doom and they “shut down”, in other words, they stop working and function in society, follow the same rule Jesus taught us for fasting, continue your normal live, but be aware and prepared, again pray the Rosary each day, pray for priests to find holiness, for the salvation of souls and the Church.

Be aware, the reign of the antichrist will happen right after this war is over, flee your TV’s and social media, and escape the eyes of this evil man.

The USA and the whole world will be saved through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be brave, open your eyes to false prophets (like antipope Francis), remain faithful to the Teachings of our Forefathers and do not fear darkness… we are not alone, Jesus is with us.

We are honored despite being unworthy, to be part of such difficult but glorious time in which we will see the Son of man, Jesus Christ descent from Heaven to get His people, hallelujah. Amen.