Sunday, June 17, 2018

To Judge or not to judge (Gloria TV blues)

Judging... it is imperative that we put our brains to work, God Himself tells us to JUDGE with righteous Judgment (John 7:24), when the devil convinces us to "respect" the actions of the other, that is, not to say anything about their evil act, we are contradicting God by not correcting with love the error of our little brother.

“If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.” Matthew 18:15

We see around the world, that when someone is in a perverse error, homosexuality, adultery, any kind of corruption... they immediately use the card of "respect", exploited by the devil through his freemasons, one of the most famous was Benito Juarez... eclipsing God's mandate among people who do not know God very well.

If today, Mario Bergoglio tells the world (many of us already suspect it), if he said he was a freemason, we would not find it a surprise, he behaves as one in giving freedoms that the Gospel does not give and one that gave homosexuals great joy: "Who am I to Judge?"

"The spiritual man judges everything" 1 Cor 2:15

A person from Gloria TV (which I will not name), approached me in the private chat to, among other things, subtly and indirectly tell me to stop judging the Church and Bergoglio in the wake of a challenge I gave them, I challenged them that if they found in any of Francis speeches of the EU parlament, UN and the USA congress, if they found the Name above all names, Jesus, then I would close my account, since he doesn’t even by a sneeze mentions His Name. 

This person told me that she does not judge anyone and that judging the church and Bergoglio must be left to God, but from the photographic evidence you will see here, she does judge, as her country (Argentina) recently approved abortion.  (Left 1 right 2, below left 3, below 4)

(Translation 1 - they hate looked like men, <she was speaking about the women who voted yes for abortion> 2 they hate 3 Yuca I don't judge anyone, 4 they do satanic rites)

We have to understand, YOU HAVE TO JUDGE, you judge the appearance of food, of any situation, but we CANNO’T JUDGE ACCORDING TO APPEARANCES, WE JUDGE THE FRUITS, we have to judge people’s actions.

Francis was silent in Ireland and Argentina and today he comes with his pretty face saying that killing a baby is for Nazis, why he said NOTHING when he praised and awarded Emma Bonino who murdered more than 400 babies and awarded a Dutch woman promoter of abortion and homosexuality.

His secretary joins the freemasonic class of the world in Bildeberg, his Bishops in Ireland welcome synod to gay couples, elevate pro-gay bishops to cardinals, he lets the Hollywood pro-abortion elite do and undo within the Holy Temple and we should not judge?

My little sister, unfortunately and with love, I say to you and to all Bergoglians: you are extremely wrong; Saints, Patriarchs, Martyrs and Holy Popes of the Church have taught us that we should NOT follow ANYONE who contradicts the teachings of Jesus and that we must make their will NOT BE DONE and to do this we must judge the fruits (St. Robert Bellarmine doctor of the faith is an example of many who said this.)

JUDGING is a necessity so we won’t be deceived, BUT we must judge according to the fruits, if we follow the fruits we will see that Francis is destroying the faith of many who don’t know their faith well, those are easy prey of any homily of beautiful words but much poison.

That's why you have to keep your eyes open, pray for our priests, pray for the Church, because confusion is the legal currency of the Bergoglians... JUDGE the fruits and correct with love always and pray for the soul of those who persecute us, not their destructive intentions.

God bless you.

Monday, June 11, 2018

No great saint has been born into the world after 1965.

This phrase got stuck in my soul since long, I have been writing for a while and this notion got into me, no angel, my Lord Jesus nor His Holy Mother appeared to me and told me this, all you need is to see the fruits.

What is a great saint then? Well let’s put it this way, there’s always someone with much merit than others because God wants it that way, is not rocket science, is not the same St Francis of Assisi, than St George or St Patrick than St. Aaron, or St Catherine of Siena than St Agatha Kim.

It is not a mere case of Saint vs. Saint scenario, spiritual famine was the result from the II Vatican council on to the world, because we did not believe, God allowed this to happen and the flow of Graces has tone down.

Each person who is allowed into heaven is a saint, but not everyone has the same merits, not everyone is a great saint, I believe my grandmother (for example), is in heaven and sure I could pray to her that she look over me, but I’m sure she would say to me, it's better to pray to our Blessed Mother or Fr. Pio…

When I was dying back in January 2005, when the doctors were sliding in the syringe to induce me into a coma (as I couldn’t breathe on my own), I was sure I was going to die, so I pray to my Lord: “I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for You here on earth and if someone is coming to get me, let my grandmother’s sister come for me.”

I was 7 days in a coma, no one knew about my prayer, and while I was in ICU, one of my uncles kept dreaming about my grandmother’s sister telling them not to let me die… they prayed all around the world for me and 2 different people saw Jesus taking care of me in bed.

The Second Vatican council opened the door for abuse all over the world, while the written words were for Gregorian singing and many other pious things to stay, the praxis changed, as the new mass was created to allow the world to participate in what’s sacred.

Since then many turn over their cassocks, religious life plummeted, abuse sky rocketed, and those who loved the old mass were persecuted and labeled as rebels and sedevacantists.

All you need to see is the fruits, today we have less priests, less religious, less vocations, while the youth trying to get to the old mass keeps growing, poor Franciscans of the immaculate, poor pope Benedict XVI who try to revive the old rite within the new rite… with such motu propio, he found his demise, much later he gave his resignation.

No St Cure of Ars anywhere, no St Padre Pio to be in many places at the same time, no St Patrick to flush out the snakes, no St Catherine of Siena to reach the highest places, no St Rita of Cascia to do the impossible possible and NO, both Mother Theresa and JPII were born before 1965.

Charismatic masses that see chaos as a beautiful thing, Eucharist in the hand, people trying to be rock stars while singing in mass, the comedy stand ups sometimes our pastors use, the clapping, the celebration of a birthday, the Eucharist ministers, the know it all ushers, the dance shows and the social talking in the temple, the cell phones ringing 4 or 5 times while in mass… chaos.

You think I’m overreaching by saying no great saint has been born into the world after 1965? Just follow the facts, the fruits… I know there are many pious people in the novus ordo (the new mas or how they all call it: the normal mass), who won’t take the Eucharist into their unworthy hands, but it’s hard not seeing the abuse and stay quiet.

Think of all the places, ENTIRE countries that don’t have the old mass any more, here in the Dominican Republic the only masses are from the SSPX in 2 different locations: Yamasa and Palmar de Ocoa, no ancient mass in the big cities and entire countries with no old mass.

The graces have been shut and spiritual famine has endure throughout, the top preaching that we must accompany wicked people (who won’t repent) is just another cherry on top, we are living in such dark times and pastors keep playing games with souls.

Because we didn’t believe we got the new mass, spiritual famine, we got destroyer Bergoglio and plenty of wolves dressed as sheep, the new mass still has the Eucharist, but that could change at any time as they are embracing sin without repentance more and more... now false prophet Martin Luther is regarded as a hero in our Church.

Everything is turn upside down, and everything our Forefathers, Saints, Patriarchs and Martyrs did is now considered “too rigid”, I wonder if St Padre Pio was too rigid for the bergoglian crowd, Pio who said Martin Luther is in hell and the Lutheran church has Lucifer as their spiritual father.

My humble advice: If you have the old mass near you, even if you don’t understand Latin, go there… pray before you go, not to an orthodox, but to a Catholic Latin mass, I hope while there you sense what I sensed my first time: the SUPERNATURAL.

The Gregorian singing, the incense, the Eucharist in the tongue but above all God… run away from this new "no repentance and let’s cheer sin Bergoglian church", flee to the desert while staying faithful to the faith our Forefathers taught.

No great saints have been born after 1965, but this is an era of martyrdom and martyrdom is heaven on a silver plate.

A big hug in Jesus Christ, remain faithful and God bless you.

Friday, June 8, 2018

A beautiful lie

If there is one certainty in my life is Jesus in the Eucharist, by faith I know it’s no longer bread, but the Holy Flesh of God. Without the Eucharist… there’s only desolation, without all the sacraments the way home becomes impossible.

Evangelicals don’t have priests, unfortunately Russian orthodox have the problem of Stalin imposing his priests back in the day, the Chinese communist church has no power, as they are appointed by the communist party, only the Chinese underground Catholic Church priests has their hands consecrated.

In order to get the transubstantiation you need a true priest, not an evangelical pastor, not a KGB imposed wannabe priest, no communist Chinese spy, a true priest and the Catholic Church has them.

It is unfortunate when priests love to play games with the Holy Flesh of God and I say this with respect and love for all priests, but when you only believe one portion of the revealed Truth and deny the other, the most likely thing it’ll happen is abuse.

Denying His commandments it’s also denying Him, people do it out of ignorance, but priests do it because they prefer the love of the world.

“Pope” Francis wrote one of the most beautiful and most deceitful phrases in his erratic Evangelii Gaudium, #47: The Eucharist, although it is the fullness of sacramental life, is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.

It is hard seeing the deception in those words, it is not a mere desire to undermine all things Francis, I truly wish he could be saved, God knows my heart and He knows this is true, but this phrase shows his true intentions, it is hard to see it and only through the Holy Spirit you can see such falseness, this phrase is way too beautiful and therefore accepted as truth by many.

St Paul said NO ONE should take the Body and Blood of the Lord in a unworthy manner, by doing so they receive judgment (1 Cor 11:27-29), the only way forward to the Eucharist is with a STATE OF GRACE, by definition: free of sin, free through our repentance through holy confession, with the desire to repair and please God from there on.

State of grace makes us perfect, we are unworthy, but the Lord makes us worthy, if we understand fully His commandments, no one with grave sin should eat or drink His Holy Flesh and Blood, only those in a state of grace through holy confession, committed to repair any damage done and willing to CHANGE can.

Lutherans who won’t believe? Divorce and remarried? Gay couples? Francis says the doors are open to the Church and they are, but if you’re not willing to change and stay off your scandalous ways, then why diminish the faith of the little ones?

We are called to become children again and seeing such scandals in the middle of the Holy Sacrifice will not allow us to focus on what’s important…  So why the desire to allow such abuse?

Priests shouldn’t play games with the Eucharist, only the enemies of the Lord are the ones always trying to find ways to play games with it, Francis doesn’t believe what our Lord taught us, by his fruits he has shown he never was catholic, his belief is based on desolation, as he wants the abominable thing: to offer what’s sacred to the enemy, without repentance, without reparations, settling for the abomination of desolation.

State of Grace makes us perfect, not out our own strength; we are perfect because God makes it possible with reconciliation, through true repentance, reparation and change.

If you ever wanted to know Francis true intention... there it is, why? Bergoglio has said it, he can’t be alone, can’t be without people, pleasing the world is his focus, he doesn’t care becoming an enemy of God (James 4:4), as he doesn’t truly believe.

This is sad to say, but it is the truth, the most poisonous teaching happens to be the most beautiful written, don’t think it’s true? Just follow the fruits and you’ll see what I see, I truly hope you see it soon dear ones, souls depend on it.

Remain faithful, God bless you and a big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Our times and the 10 virgins

How can we compare our times with the bible, so many chapters, so many good fits there, but the one that strikes me the most is the story of the 10 virgins waiting for the Groom.

“At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.  Five of them were foolish and five were wise.  The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them.  The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps.  The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep. At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him! Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’ ‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’ But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. Later the others also came. ‘Lord, Lord,’ they said, ‘open the door for us!’ But he replied, ‘Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.’ Mat 25:1-12

Jesus speaks about His impending and Glorious return, He explains “At that time…”, well into the future, people will be divided amongst themselves, 2 camps: 

1)  Those who love the Lord much. 
2) Those who knows the Lord, but just don’t care about Him.

Remember what He told us…

“If you love me, keep my commandments” John 14:15

Well… those who love the Lord will do and those who knows who He is, but seems to not care will not and there’s the split… those who are good vs. those who are not.

See those virgins aren’t just lazy as they know the Groom, the Church knows the Groom, the Church knows He is coming…. And it’s because they know and don’t care, is where the greatest sin is, omission despite knowing, the lukewarm (Rev 3:16).

Understand, the first Church was with the Jews, the Pharisees had the keys of the Kingdom, but they were so bad, that no one entered Heaven and they too couldn’t enter as well (Luke 11:52), so Jesus came the first time.

The 5 unprepared virgins went try to get the oil from the wise ones, but it was too late, they try to get it somewhere else, but it was too late, the door was shut and for them it was one second away out of eternity.

People today are lovers of themselves, they don’t want truth, what they want is a way to protect their pleasures, no hell, no judgment, abortion, gay couples because “there’s love there”, pastors embracing one world religion, by giving the pearl to the dogs, throwing away what’s sacred, not keeping any of His commands… some knowingly, and some out of fear for their careers.

Today it’s hard to go out and see how everything is crumbling down, but at the same time we have to encourage each other, even if we fly drowsy, we have the oil, even if they want to take the jar from us… we have the oil… we have Jesus Commands, so… remain vigilant, do your mercy chores… Our Lord is coming that’s for sure.

Oh yes our Lord is coming and please notice... what we have in common with His first return? Those who have the keys now, like the pharisees, are trying to shut Heaven's door for everybody while opening hell.

Despite that pray for all, even those who strive so much in taking the oil away, pray for their souls, not their bad intentions, do good and remain faithful…

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” Mat 25:13

All for the Honor and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Suicide Francis

I was going to kill myself back in 1992, the false notion of no love in my life kept circling my mind, wasn’t seeing any good, all was negative to me… NOW, ¿can you imagine if instead of St. John Paul II as pope at that time, we had Jorge Mario Bergoglio?

Put yourself in my shoes for one second so you can understand the danger…

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, “pope” Francis, has declared multiple times to atheist journalist Scalfari that hell doesn´t exist; now back in 1992 my thinking was: “I need a break from this life with no sense, if I kill myself I will no longer exist, no more worries, I can finally rest.”

If someone with such importance as Francis, back in the day, would’ve said to me that beautiful lie, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now… Divine intervention was the only thing that saved me back then from committing suicide.

I was such a lousy Catholic (and God Knows I’m trying to be better), didn’t believe in hell or the devil, but let’s focus on Francis words… ¿Can you visualize someone around the world, a catholic or anyone at all, having the same troubled thought process as I did?, ¿And what would happen if such important man as Francis, throws more fire to the twisted ideas of a suicidal?

Well, what it’ll happen is that your mind will continue to trick you, your flesh will be at peace when it hears hell doesn’t exist and demons will be rejoicing for the potential meat about to come to them.

There are thousands of people out there believing the same way I did, even worse, believing that we could come back to life in a better situation, unfortunately, there are Christians out there who believe the reincarnation lie.

“Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…” Hebrews 9:27

But the reincarnation lie is not the point here, Francis has poisoned the well as revelations proclaims (Rev 8:11), he… like Martin Luther, were stars that preferred the world and its friendship, becoming false prophets, Francis is an enemy of God out of his love for the world (James 4:4).

“Who am I to judge”, “God made you gay”, “muslims with the coran with the faith of your fathers that it’ll take you far”, “No one is condemned forever (AL-297)” and “hell doesn’t exist” heresies, the world hails for more, wants more, the religious indifferentism in our Church today is now at an all-time high thanks to him, but think please… concentrate…

Is there a possibility out there that someone thinks like I used to? If there is, what would happen to that soul hearing such beautiful lie? Rick Warren’s son kill himself thinking the wrong way, I had someone close to me who did because she was tire of it all, it’s just sad.

No beautiful lie can overcome the Power of God’s Holy Word, He will not contradict Himself…

“Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple.” 1 Cor 3:16-17

God wants us to be happy, but again, He will not contradict Himself, Francis has opened the door for people to give in, people don’t see the danger of his strange teachings, so… be careful, spread the word, there’s a Judas clothed as Peter, with much charisma to deceive.

God bless you, remain faithful and a big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Open letter to our pastors

My son is gay, my beloved sister is lesbian, I wish that I could go back in time and try and do something different that would make all things right, but I can’t, as a father I fell that I have failed.

I am not the best catholic in the world, but like a great catholic Lt. Col Hal Moore once said “I’m in a fight”… Without the tools a soldier cannot thrive in the middle of a war, so we too in this spiritual war need the tools, the tools that start by you fearing and loving our Lord.

When Mario Bergoglio said to Cruz, a homosexual, that “God made him that way and loves him that way”, all my efforts with my love ones goes to the mud, now they will hear those beautiful but poisonous words and will persist in their sin.

Why is it that, you my Pastor, won’t fight for son’s soul or mine? Dear priests, why is it that you don’t want to be in our corner anymore? Do you really think that Jesus and the Holy Spirit through His Holy Apostles, love to contradict themselves and go against God’s Divine Law?

I tried everything with my son, did my best with my sister and tried all this with love, didn’t accuse them, didn’t judge them, only try to show them with filial correction their erroneous behavior, as of today, all I can do is pray for them, but the damage with Francis is done as my love ones will persist in their sin with such beautiful yet poisonous teaching.

Did Jesus had a personal opinion or did He please Almighty Father in all? Jesus pleased our Father Almighty (Luke 3:22); so this personal opinion about gays, which contradicts the faith, is wrecking the teachings from our Church, allowing for more confusion to go in and yet, you don’t have the desire to please your Divine Master?

You could say, that’s Bergoglio’s opinion, but what about all his heretic teachings, those who are formally exposed in all his letters, exhortations, messages and encyclical… are those his opinions too? Francis coming from the Philippines said to a reporter that all those were his “teachings.”

The definition of magisterium is teachings, so we are witnessing the dismantling of the teachings taught by our dear Apostles, Patriarchs, doctors of the faith, Saints and Martyrs, but riiiiiggghhht… the “teachings” stay the same while the praxis from this strange teachings are the path to go.

God knows my troubled heart as He knows how much I have sacrificed for my faith… It is sad to watch the Church being trampled by foot by the gentiles (Luke 21:24), but even more disturbing to hear your deafening silence, your inaction and letting souls plunging into eternal darkness.

Can you see their fruits (Mat 7:20)? The confusion is intentional yet I don’t see you fighting for the soul of my son, my sister and mine; It is truly a sad day for me and for many, perhaps there’s one or two priests out there doing it, but the fear for your wellbeing in this world, for your career is breathtaking.

My hope is that you wake up dear priest; I hope you open your eyes to his merciless heresies, it’s not ok to be silent, Bergoglio is truly an enemy of God because he’s a friend of the world, so by his many heresies let him be anathema.

Please pray for my son and sister and all the sons and sisters in this situation that Bergoglio and his minions have solidify them in.

God bless you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The tone makes the music

A very cordial greeting, with affection in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In recent day I published in my blogs, YouTube channel and on Gloria TV something called "Bergoglian fairy tale", in Spanish "Cuento Bergogliano", obviously they were removed from Gloria TV and the answer I got was about the tone of such article.

Everyone who read or saw it, because it was also published in video and audio, saw the truth of what is happening today within our beloved Church, Mario Bergoglio is destroying the faith in the name of a philosophy of inclusion without repentance called the "culture of encounter."

I narrated within this “fairy tale” article all of his heresies with accusatory and truthful evidence, but at the same time I did it with sarcasm and derision... saying the truth without love is a lie with destructive power said Saint Benedict of the Cross and as St. Paul the Apostle said in 1 Corinthians 13, without love I have nothing.

Many times, filial correction was tried on Mario Bergoglio but unfortunately he does not listen... the truth is HARD and you have to say it, but you have to do it with love if you do not, then there’s nothing.

How is this possible if truth is so hard? By our own strength we cannot, so we must let Jesus allow us to do it, that’s why we have to pray a lot and daily, for our Church and for the soul of the one who wants to destroy us.

There is nothing more difficult in this world than to pray, when our flesh wants ‘other’ things, that’s why we force ourselves to pray, now imagine how hard it is to pray and for those who persecute us and want to destroy our faith, it is practically impossible and even more so with love.

The truth is hard, so with love, I will tell you the truth... May God protect us all from the heresies of Mario Bergoglio and his modern priests... who say they love the Holy Spirit, but do not get tired of insulting Him with blasphemies.

I do not want to tell the truth without love so I ask God for forgiveness for what I did and the strength to do it right; the truth is the truth and it hurts, but it is the truth, by the fruits we will know the false ones and Mario is a false Prophet… unfortunately.

The tone makes the music a priest friend told me, in this case the truth hurts more if it’s said with Love, but if one tells the truth with mockery and sarcasm as I did, one resembles those who mocked Jesus in the streets of Jerusalem...

God knows my heart and it is not my desire for any soul to be condemned, that’s why I proclaim true Mercy which is NEVER divorced from Divine Justice, because both come from God, that is why the truth hurts because it requires CHANGE in order to return to sanctifying grace, the faith for which so many Saints died. Unfortunately today we live the heresies of Francis as if they were the most beautiful thing.

Defending the faith is the greatest honor there is and has arrived at a time our pastors are sleeping, so... we must bark confidently in our love for Christ! He will give us the strength to bark with Love. Thank you for reading me, a big hug in Christ Jesus. Amen

Friday, May 18, 2018

Papa Benedict I love you.

Hello, I know… you don’t know me dear father, I’m just another sheep from your flock, not the most pretty, perhaps a troublemaker, but I’m one of yours…

Never the seat of a man I care for and since I was a very bad catholic, didn’t care for yours, I didn’t care for you.

When you were elected I didn’t see the same electric smile from Saint John Paul II, or the same magnetism to bring people in, all I saw was an old man with clouded eye lids, a German heritance, no magnetism, no electricity, didn´t see a good thing.

I was a bad Catholic that didn’t care for the church at all, then death made me come closer to Christ and saw myself as I was… if it wasn´t for Jesus I would’ve be dead, suffering the worms and the fires of hell, I came to life and this new life brought me closer to the faith.

I grew in the novus ordo mass or like most Catholics call it, the “normal” mass, like if there was a mass out there that was abnormal… I got myself closer to the faith bit by bit, and the closer I got, the more I loved you.

The more I got close to Christ the more I saw my flaws, the more I saw imperfection, the more I saw wrong personally and spiritually… The first thing I saw handicapping me spiritually, was communion in the hand.

I tried to warn people of this evil, few listened… why did you let them do this papa? Why did anyone let this happen?

Then Jesus allowed me to understand, it was necessary for this mass to happen, so that the wheat can be separated from the chaff, I understood the difference between the masses, the “normal” one is the whole procession to the Golgotha and the "abnormal" one is being alongside Apostle John and Jesus Holy Mother in front of the Cross.

Both are a sacrifice, as both have the transubstantiation… one has the mockery, the spats, the punches, and His Holy Flesh in the ground all through the procession and the other focused on giving a spotless sacrifice to Almighty Father at the foot of the Cross.

There is so much chaff, in fact I am one, still trying to morph into wheat by a miracle of Jesus Holy Hands, I am not yet conceded and many aren’t father… I've found the Tridentine mass through your son Michael Voris and my life kept on changing.

The sweetest news I heard through your motu propio, Latin was back as a choice… but I fear this motu propio sealed your fate with the wolves around you.

On February the 11th I’ve heard the sad news, you are resigning… my tears came out dear papa, I’ve felt like something was taken from me, I’ve felt like if I was naked on the streets.

Perhaps many felt like me, perhaps just a few… but one thing I know for sure, one thing is the truth, the idea of you resigning didn’t come from you, someone else put it there; Jesus never came down from the cross, never the idea of not honoring Almighty Father crossed His Divine Mind…

Papa Benedict, you endured the wolves then, you are suffering them now, and will suffer much later, you are a brave man, dry martyrdom is your thing but I guess it’s horrible to think about it, when so many martyrs gave their blood in so much pain, It pains me your situation, the Church is being trumped by gentiles, I´m sure it pains you.

I just wanted to say… I love you, you are my pope… Pope martyr and I miss you, perhaps you were not the best pope ever, but you ARE our pope, even if our clergy tells us otherwise, you are our pope.

Again I love you, thank you for your prayers and I’ll pray for you sweet papa, pope Benedict XVI the brave.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hell exists Francis

Between 2013 and 2018 “pope” Francis has been a tirelessly worker, giving 327 homilies, 3 exhortations, 1 encyclical, 1 in conjunction with pope benedict XVI… not mentioning his tons  and tons of letters, medications, motu propios, messages, the list goes on and on.

With his homilies and exhortations alone there are more than 400,000 words of beautiful literature, words that have reached millions of people around the world, faithful and non-faithful.

Yet no conversions that have been documented on the non-faithful, his loyal atheists friends continue persisting in their sin, the people who are welcome by him are not called to repent, but those who happen to say anything on his erroneous approach, or his strange teachings contradicting Jesus own words, are being called names all around the world: Legalists, self-centered, sedevancantists, demons, pelagians and my all-time favorite one… rigid.

There’s no doubt that Bergoglio has tons of beautiful words to push his strange agenda forward, most Catholics and clergy are buying in, it doesn’t matter the consequences to the faith of 2000 years, the faith is shrinking to a new approach: “encounterism.”

It is clear that for them it’s no longer the Teachings of our Lord, when you can pick and choose what to believe and follow, though “encountering our brothers” no matter their believe if there’s any, becoming “one” is the ultimate goal of this new worldly church of encounterism.

The truth about Catholic faith does not matter to them anymore… homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, communism, atheism, false religions, all in their eyes have all triumph, while the desire to become martyrs have plummeted for those who pledge to protect us from error.

Close to half a million words of beautiful literature are drilling holes to the boat here and there since 2013. Five years later, this man continues to give interviews to a pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-any evil out there atheist and why would that be? Each time it happens the Vatican has to do a PR maneuver to ease the train wreck, why…

The explanation to all Bergoglio idolizers is simple because Scalfari is his friend, to Francis inner circle it´s nothing but a pat in the back saying: “We are doing this with no opposition, we are winning”

Bergoglio in his latest interview with atheist Scalfari said he doesn´t believe in hell, which erases each time our Lord talked about hell in the Bible, 75 passages are no longer “relevant” to the new Bergoglian faith… why this would be? Because they have their own rules to follow…

297. It is a matter of REACHING OUT TO EVERYONE, of needing to help each person find his or her proper way of participating in the ecclesial com-munity and thus to experience being touched by an “unmerited, unconditional and gratuitous” mercy. NO ONE CAN BE CONDEMNED FOREVER, be-cause that is not the logic of the Gospel! AL 297

After this paragraph who could say that “pope” Francis has a Catholic faith? No one can be condemned forever, really? Contradicting Jesus Himself, so if they can’t be condemned forever, then why working our salvation with fear and tremble? Why believe Jesus about hell? Why believe what happened in Fatima is even true as our Lady spoke much about hell…

I wanted to check his beautiful and treacherous homilies and exhortations and see his fruits… in 327 homilies since 2013 he mentions hell only 7 times, in his laudato si  green encyclical only once (148), no mention at all in evangelii gaudium and amoris laetitia and finally, only once in the gaudete et exsultate exhortation (115).

About those 7 times he mentioned hell in 5 years, he is not trying to teach about hell, he is encouraging about some social issue (17 February 2016 in Juarez about violence and drugs), or when he went to Fatima (13 may 2017 when talked about the apparition), or encouraging people about the Joy of doing good and mercy.

Close to half million words and all we have from his encyclicals, exhortations and homilies, NO sound teaching about hell and its existence, only references about trolling on internet, Eco diversity, “Bergoglian” mercy and throwing a bone to the Fatima apparition.

Have been saying for years, that Mario Bergoglio was never Catholic, as he allowed his curas villeros in Argentina to do exactly what his minions are doing now, giving the Eucharist to divorce and remarried, he always threw away sound doctrine in favor of false religions and the well documented behind the scenes gay homage to LGBT groups and his shocking “blessing” of gay couples while not calling it a “marriage.”

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves… Therefore by their fruits you will know them…“ Mat 7:15, 20

No one wants to listen… only a Catholic can become pope, but no one seems to care, he was a heretic then doing the same heretic things now and our clergy is caving in.

Despite all this… our Church will never die, that’s a Divine promise; it’ll become small while the one church of the world becomes big.

We need to remain faithful, remain vocal, engage every lie presented as truth and pray for those who persecute us. Hell does exists and those who run it are delighted with this man… sad to see all of this, sad for our children, sad for those who we love but stand by this man as a saint, it was all foretold (Luke 12:53), in the end we know the future, our Church survives.

Remain Faithful and resist… a big hug in Jesus Christ. Amen

Dr. Rafael González
Author of Destroyer and The Treasure of the Heavens: The biggest robbery in history, the art of war and diamonds books.
Notes: *Laudato si 148, *Gaudete et exsultate 115, *Amoris laetitia  297, *29 November 2015 homily, *17 February 2016 homily, *20 March 2016 homily, *3 April 2016 homily, *20 November 2016, *13 May 2017 homily, *28 June 2017 homily.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Gloria TV bias

I’ve been in the front lines too long and have seen how the enemies engages… not in any part of my early life (childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood), I’ve never experienced the treachery, manipulation and persecution I’ve seen and felt, just for been too Catholic.

Bias is seen, both for those who are faithful and those who love to be “flexible”, can you imagine the torture of someone who has never been persecuted… ever, that once he or she thinks, the one place they would be safe is inside their Church and they see another thing coming? Sad.

Gloria TV has been there for a long time, way before it was created God knew it was coming, in a world when the beauty of Catholicism is the most horrible thing, beautiful bias is much welcome.

The way our forefathers intended… being too Catholic is just beautiful, more papist that the pope, yes… way too “rigid.”

Sweet, sweet bias, yes… no better way to summarize the situation like how embattled Cardinal Pell once said to a bunch of seminarians: “Jesus was too tough, if it was me I’d probably would’ve been nicer, but I prefer to follow Jesus.”

This papacy and its minions have been destroying everything at a rate that makes the devil salivate more and more, the more destructive the priest or Bishop, the path to become Cardinal or put in a place of power happens in a blink of an eye and it is refreshing to see, that despite our differences in the path to heaven, the same Bias our Lord had.

“He then began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and after three days rise again. He spoke plainly about this, and Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. But when Jesus turned and looked at his disciples, he rebuked Peter. "Get behind me, Satan!" he said. "You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns." Mark 8:31-33

Human concerns… that’s the way of the world, the way of satan; it’s sweet when you see the beauty of Catholicism taught in every article or news, no time for silliness or being “flexible”, it is a privilege and honor to see the fruits while the rocks keep on coming.

The “pope” and his minions thinks that being called rigid and pelagian is an insult, they truly do, that it resolves anything, no… on the contrary, it is a badge of honor for defending the truth, that truth our Lord spoke and taught, the same truth our Patriarchs died for.

It is sad that no Catholic sees the destruction, it is sad how some others prefer being flexible and “realistic” than having a good old martyrdom. I only wish I could say the same for the Spanish side of Gloria TV, but it’s a tale of 2 camps, how split the Church today is… the chaff and the wheat, tradition and flexible.

Our Lord was Biased, still is and will not go back on His Holy Word to accommodate the world, my only hope… that we get all biased on the same side, our Lord kind of bias, the same way as Gloria TV English has been, and many others, like one peter 5, rorate caeli, adelante la fe, remnant news and Lifesite news.

May God bless you all; despite being biased let us not feel conceded, stand firm, fear the Lord and tremble on His Glorious presence. Amen